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Pekepon SP - Nazotoki Promo [3/3] (Partial Translation)

Part 3: Double meaning ironic poems
This section, all the answers can be read two different ways.

Question 1:

New product, donuts, ○○○○○
Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_27.55_[2013.08.21_21.18.18]
1. are not circular
2. aren't like donuts

Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_28.00_[2013.08.21_21.18.25]

Question 2:

Surprised, person in charge of TV program, ○○○○○
Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_29.37_[2013.08.21_21.19.10]
1. is Arashi?!
2. will be doing MC

Question 3:

Reading glasses, putting them on and looking in/at the pocketbook, ○○○○○
Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_31.36_[2013.08.21_21.19.43]
1. going to make a note
2. eyes have aged

(before Sakurai answer the first time around for this question)
Ueda; Too bad. It isn't "try to write." Well, then, anything other than "aibeyasa" (share room) will be better than that first answer.
Sakurai: Yeah.
Ueda: Wait, this is something I can't forget: "Nu---do-wa-do---nu"
Sakurai: AH! I completely forgot about it! *bonk bonk bonk* Totally slipped my mind.
Ueda: Let's try to wipe out this bad answer.

Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_32.20_[2013.08.21_21.21.24]

(second round of answering question 3)
Sakurai: Write a note
Hyadain: Refreshing
Ueda: Too bad! Whenever this person gives a thumbs up, it's a guaranteed wrong answer.
Ueda: It's not your thumb's fault!

Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_36.00_[2013.08.21_21.24.15]

Question 4:

Wood pencils, their era has ended, ○○○○○
Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_38.10_[2013.08.21_21.25.47]
1. they've evolved
2. can I borrow some lead?

(after Miura answers)
Sakurai: What's wrong with you?! What's-wrong-with-you?!
Pekepon: Yay! She said the same wrong answer!
Ueda: She has really done it! She had said same wrong answer as Pan-kun! Even though that answer was wrong. Sakurai, she really did it, right?
Sakurai: Sorry, but I feel kind frightened.
Toshi: I had no idea that there would be a girl chimpanze here!
Ueda and Toshi: Pan-chan!
Toshi: You've really helped us!


(after the explanation)
Ueda: Things have really gotten really gloomy on the Nazotoki side
Ijuin: Captain, say something to cheer her up!
Sakurai: We're still in the lead! If anything, the perfect lead!
Toshi: What does "perfect" mean?!
Ueda: He's completely flustered!

Part 4: Rearrangeable ironic poems

Waking up early, a trip to the beach, ○○○○○
Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_42.35_[2013.08.21_21.27.34]
For sunbathing

And so Nazotoki wins while the other team gets hit over the head!
Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_44.58_[2013.08.21_21.28.01]

Ueda: Sakurai, any comments?
Sakurai: Sure enough, the "nu---do-wa-do---nu" answer has left a trail.
Ueda: It unexpectedly trailed on
Sakurai: I wanted to "shuflle shuffle shuffle" and yell "Yay!" at the end.
Ueda: What do you think of the Pan-kun that took away that chance?
Sakurai: He's despicably unbearable

Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_45.12_[2013.08.21_21.28.21]

Yay! Done~! I hope this gave you a better idea of what went on in this game. I have no idea how many times I've watched this (video on loop), and it still makes me laugh! This section of the show in Pekepon is probably one of the hardest out of all of their games (though, I've watched their honorific language game, and it's equally as hard). I think it really brought out the sheer brilliant side, as well has his human side, meaning that even though he may be smart and a top idol, he can still unintentionally blurt out a ridiculous answer!

Hope you enjoyed reading!
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