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Pekepon SP - Nazotoki SP Part 2 (Partial Translation)

Japanese palindromes romanized don't really make any sense, so I will put a hyphen between each romanized hiragana. For example, ka-ki-ku-ki-ka.

Question 1

Slightly overweight, ○○○○○○, gradually increases
Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_15.06_[2013.08.21_21.06.37]
Meaning: Every time she looks, the sagging

Within minutes of the first question being read:
Sakurai: Ah! I know it!
Ueda: Really, you solved it?
Sakurai: I know it hands down!

Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_16.44_[2013.08.21_21.09.10]

Sakurai: Kana-chan, are you blind?
Ueda: There's the famous line from the drama!
Inagihara; He's so cool~
Pekepon (other members) + Ueda: He's insulting you!

Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_17.31_[2013.08.21_21.10.43]

Question 2

A lecture, ○○○○○○, manju
Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_18.14_[2013.08.21_21.11.30]
Meaning: to the kid who ate two
(t/n: I had to flip the sentence structure or it wouldn't make any sense in English)

Question 3

Work schedule, ○○○○○○, when is your day off?
Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_19.25_[2013.08.21_21.12.44]
Meaning: Write down your plan

Question 4

 The butler, ○○○○○○, difficult case
Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_22.47_[2013.08.21_21.14.17]
Meaning: unsolvable without him

Ueda: Next up is Hyadain. Let's answer the next question correctly.
Hyadain: Right. If I don't answer the next question correctly, I won't be asked back onto the show!
Ueda: It's a mystery as to why you were called up this time.


(After the question is read)
Ueda: This is a rare question. Nazotoki Team, well, if possible Sakurai should be the one to answer this question. Of course, if Hyadain solves this question, it wouldn't be a problem either.
Hyadain: This is a question I shouldn't answer.
Sakurai: That's not true! Please solve it!
Ueda: Somehow do your best to answer it. Hyadain, Answer time!


(Hyadain answer incorrectly)
Ueda: Too bad! He still hasn't answered one question right tonight.
Sakurai: Hyadain, put more effort into this game!
Hyadain: I'm sorry! Just as you say!
Sakurai: I'm really sorry for saying it as we're meeting for the first time, but... put more effort into this game!
Hyadain: I'm really sorry!

Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_23.47_[2013.08.21_21.14.31]

Ueda: Probably Hyadain is the most disliked among Sakurai's relatives. Well then, on the other hand, chubby-chan (girl in pink) is tilting her head in confusion. Then, Sakurai, this question is targeted for you, but nothing has come to mind.
(t/n: Ueda was referring to question 1 of the word "sagging," but it kind of doesn't make sense in English)
Sakurai: Sorry, but yes, nothing has come to mind.
Ueda: Truth be told you shouldn't be the one to talk!
Pekepon: That's right!

Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_24.07_[2013.08.21_21.15.00]

(after Inagihara answers)
Ueda: Well then, let's give this question for [Sakurai] to answer. Has anything popped in your mind?
Sakurai: Nothing at all...
Ueda: We'll give you a hint then.
Sakurai: Please give me the hint!
Ueda: Please use the hint to help solve the answer.
Hint: The first and last hiragana in the second verse is "nu"
Everyone: EH?! "NU"?!
Ueda: Well then, answer time!
Sakurai: Wait a second! Waitasecond! Wait!
Hyadain: My stomach's starting to hurt!
[Stalling for time]
Ueda: If you're going to make a commotion, go home! Go home! Well, then, it's time for Nazotoki team's Sakurai to answer the question. Answer time!
Sakurai: Nu---do-wa-do---nu (t/n: What he says makes absolutely no sense, so the reason why they laugh is because a top idol came up with this ridiculous answer)

Sakurai - Pekepon SP - Nazodi Promo [2013.08.02] MQ.avi_snapshot_25.37_[2013.08.21_21.17.42]

Pekepon: What kind of answer is that?
Toshi: What is "Do---nu"?
Sakurai: What just happened? What was that?
Ueda: Johnny's does this kind of thing on occasion! You know, on a question about a mixer (where young people meet others), Tegoshi answered, "Let's do it," to some absurdity

There wasn't much talking this time around, but that last part certainly has left a new weird impression of Sakurai. What do you think?

Part 3 I hope to get up sometime next week, but I probably should start doing my paper this weekend. Until then~.
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